Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Haboydem is a social second hand clothing store. We employ people dealing with mental illness, who are trying to rehabilitate and find a way back into society and the workplace. They are people who have the potential and ability to ultimately become part of the open labor market and, and only need to hone the skills required to enable them to become employees in the competitive market. Our employees receive professional support and follow a personal rehabilitation plan for success. We receive donations of men, women and children’s clothes. Our employees sort the clothing and choose the best for sale in the store. They maintain all operations of the store as well as deal with all aspects of customer service. Clothing of lesser quality is sent for recycling.
Haboydem means the attic (in Yiddish) and refers to the fact many times our best clothes are tucked away in the attic waiting for a second opportunity, much like is given to our employees.

Tzaret 15, Talpiot, Jerusalem.

Turn right immediately after Canyon Hadar and then immediately right into the carpark of השרוף and   .מאפיית נחמה

Drive there using Waze: 

We have a container outside the store where you can drop off clothes any time of day, even when the store is closed.
Sunday to Thursday 9:30 – 17:00

Friday 8:00 – 12:00

We have a number of volunteers who may be able to do a pick up. Please be in touch by Facebook and we will arrange a suitable time for pickup.
 We do not buy or trade clothes. We receive donated clothes and sort and sell them. The aim is to give our workers experience in various jobs that will help them integrate back into the competitive workforce. 
Yes. Haboydem is run by the nonprofit organization Shaf Yativ, and donations are tax deductible in Israel, the US, UK and Australia. 
You can volunteer your time to work in Haboydem alongside our employees and other volunteers. You will be working alongside our employees, sorting through the clothes, pricing and ticketing garments, displaying clothes in a creative way and processing  the sale of clothes.  The integration of all sorts of people working together makes a wonderful work environment, and encourages our employees to function in a normative workplace, rather than feel stigmatized by working in a typical sheltered workshop.
 Haboydem is a non-profit organization. The money from the sale of clothes pays for the rent of the store, salaries for workers and professional employees .
We sell the clothes for minimal amounts of money. 
We collect all types of clothing including those for men, women, children, summer, and winter. We are happy to receive clothes in all sorts of condition. The clothes are sorted. The good quality clothes are sold in our shop and poorer quality clothes are sent for recycling. The sorting activity is part of the rehabilitation process.